2012 Edition, including 2011 graduates, last updated : 25 February 2012

The Alumni directory accounts for all students enrolled in the Master (formerly DEA) “Probability and Finance”, who have obtained their degree. (DEA Probabilités & Applications up until 2004, Master starting from 2005). It includes the last known professional contact details of every graduate. Included in every gradutes’s personal card is the date this information was last updated. The Alumni directory is available on-line, and via a printable copy. The 2012 edition, which includes the 2011 gradutes, is available from the 25th of February 2012. Included in the soft/printable copy is a list of our professional partners, classed using 2 categories- alphabetically and promotionnally.

On-line access to the Alumni directory is reserved for:

A paper copy of the directory is available for sale. Access to the directory will be made available on-line to you for a period of a year. The prices are as follows:

To order, send a letter to the following address:

Florence Deschamps/Maria Pochot,
LPMA, case 188,
Univ. Paris 6,
F-75252 Paris Cedex 5

with the mention ‘Annuaire des Anciens Probabilités & Finance’. including a check payable to ‘l'Agent comptable de l'Université Paris 6‘ along with both your postal and electronic adresses. You should receive, in no more than 15 days, an exemplary model of the 2007 Directory Edition, along with your on-line access code.

If you have already an account, fill out the following information:


In order for the Alumni directory to stay successful, and for it to fulfill all the services expected from it, it must be continuously kept up to date. As a result, a short questionnaire is sent to all former graduates (included in the directory) of the "Probabilities and Finance’ module each year, by e-mail, in order for them to keep their personal information up to date if necessary.

You may also let us know of any changes within your professional situation by sending us an e-mail at: deaproba@proba.jussieu.fr, under the title/reference:

sous le titre
ModifAnnu_Nom_Promo (ex: ModifAnnu_Martin_97)

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